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January 2002 / Volume 3, Issue 1

random musings

Special Announcement:   ShadowKeep Magazine is going to a new monthly format.  To better serve you, p lease notice that we will be publishing four Feature Fiction selections, four Qwik Fic selections, and four Speculative Poems per issue.  Updates will be on the first of each month.  We look forward to seeing you in the Shadows during this new year and west indian carnival!

Updated Guidelines and 'Coming       Soon' :   We have updated our guidelines to better serve our writers.  Please read them.             We really, really need them followed.  Also, we've updated the 'Coming Soon' section.  All accepted Feature Fiction and Speculative Poetry selections will be listed. As of January 1, 2002, all accepted material is listed.  Please check here if you have questions about publication dates.

Special Publication:   In conjunction with Megan Sybil Baker (aka Linnea Sinclair), we are excited to bring you the first look at her upcoming novel, Gabriel's Ghost!  Read this enchanting, exciting excerpt here:  Gabriel's       Ghost!

Detecting A Ghost Contest:  The "Detecting A Ghost" contest was a great success!  Thirteen entries, and one winner chosen by the entrars.  The winner of the Lord Of       The Rings novels is... Justin Stanchfield's       "Softly"!  Also, we have an honorable mention who will also receive the novels, thanks to a donation by Susanne Bridenbaugh!  Our honorable mention and runner up is Michael M's   The Ghost       Trackers. Contest submissions can be read here: Contest!  Congratulations to both of you, and thanks to all who entered!  Stay tuned for more contests coming soon...

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by Bob Yosco
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 by WTS (dave)
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"13th Precinct"
  by Bob Yosco
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We feel his presence as we stare at the blinking cursor on our word processor screens. He’s back – and there’s nothing we can do.

The gospel according to Hatch said that all kinds of supernatural-type things went on in the Apple, and on a regular basis no less.


"Down There" "Shattered Dreams" "Roach In The Walls" "The Trouble With Joran"
Glen Hamilton Hydy Paige Chris Kassel Byron Merritt

recent qwik fics

"Will Power" "The Walk" "Luna's Fool" "Decorum"
Steven L. Shrewsbury Lea Cogburn Jessica Cargill Vic Tepecio


"A Single Tear" "Corruption Of She" "Ciro, The Mad Wizard" "Fearless"
Justin Stanchfield Christina Croft Linnea Sinclair Christina Croft


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