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Do you have a Feature Fiction story appearing in ShadowKeep?  Check this page for the date of publication!


November 2001:

The Frozen Moment - David Blalock

The Bastard - Kristina Olson

Best And The Brightest - Steven Shrewsbury

Martin Buber's Thing - Harry Buschman

Paradise -  Jeremiah Chiappelli


December 2001:

Home By Sunset - Rie Sheridan

The Little Brother Puzzle - Jason Brannon

A Wish For Adonis - Mary Musselman

Miles To Go - Rie Sheridan

The Prisoner - Brendan Connell


January 2002:

Down There - Glen Hamilton

Shattered Dreams - Hydy Paige

Roach In The Walls - Chris Kassel

The Trouble With Joran - Byron Merritt


February 2002:

This Is Life - Marc Sanchez

Brother's Keeper - Robert Arthur Smith

We Must Have Cream For Sunday - Rie Sheridan

When I Think Of Charlotte - Susanne S. Bridenbaugh


>>  This page represents Feature Fiction selections only<<