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Writer's Guidelines:

ATTENTION:  If you cannot (or choose not to) send email attachments in RTF format, please use our submission form.  The form is here:  Submission Form!
What we want:  Quality speculative fiction up to 8,000 words, speculative poetry to 100 lines.  Reprints are fine, just let us know if it's a reprint or original work, please.  Speculative fiction only.  (Speculative:  horror, fantasy, science fiction, magical, mystical, etc.)  Payment is publication in our magazine; we do not pay cash for fiction or poetry.

What we don't want:  general fiction, slice of life, morally demanding themes, gratuitous sexual situations, love poems, plays.

Submission format:  RTF attachments are strongly preferred, though we do accept submissions via our submission form.  We do not accept submissions in the body of an email message. Single-spaced lines with a blank line between paragraphs.  Separate story segments with triple asterisks (* * *), please. See the example below for proper formatting.

Qwik Fics should be fiction stories no more than 750 words in length. 

Please follow this example of how we prefer RTF attachment submissions:

Author's Name
Title of My Story
My Valid Email Address
Genre of My Story
Approximate Word Count
Original or Reprint

This is my story, and I'm sure it's going to make me millioins of dollars. I just know the editors are going to love it because it's original, exciting, and I've formatted it properly.  I didn't even indent the paragraphs, which really impresses ShadowKeep editors.  Also, I've included my submission as an RTF attachment, which is the preferred submission standard for ShadowKeep Magazine.  Aren't I just adorable?  Or is that deplorable?  Oh well, either way.

And hey, I've even used my spell checker.  Twice!  It's a good thing I've looked over my story for grammatical errors that make me look like I don't care about my work before submitting it as well.  If the editors found out that I didn't care about my own work, they would very likely take the same approach.  They know I've read the guidelines because I've followed them as closely as possible. My email address is on the first page of my submission, because without this little bit of information, my story will not even be read.

Notice how I've skipped a blank line between paragraphs, and how my submission is single-spaced.  Also, notice that I do not use indentions or spaces at the beginning of paragraphs either.  This really impresses ShadowKeep Magazine, and improves my chances of getting published with them. Half the battle is formatting, after all.  Oh yes, italics and bold lettering is perfectly acceptable.  However, underlining is detested at ShadowKeep.  Underlining looks like links to web surfers, and is annoying to edit.  I won't underline because I know it will drive the editors crazy, and my story will very likely be rejected immediately, no matter that it's the best story ever written.

I'm also careful not to use too many exclamation points to make a point!!!  This drives editors everywhere up the wall, and shows a very undisciplined writing style.  One is sufficient to get my point across, and so I'll be faithful to use just one to make my point!  If I feel it needs more emphasis, I'll use italics - not underlining, and certainly not CAPITAL LETTERS as this is a very big no-no!

* * *

All other pages of my submission will be formatted the same way, without the extra information at the top.  There's no need for me to number my pages, but it's okay if I do.  When I'm finished with my story, I'll not declare THE END in huge, curly letters. I'll simply type "END" at the end of the story, and I'll include a short bio or publishing credit with a link to my homepage or website if I want this to appear with my story. A small photograph of me is also fine, but it must be small, and in GIF format.

* * *

This is the last paragraph of my best-selling story.  I hope you've enjoyed it, as my fingers are aching and my eyes are bloodshot. My brain is fried as well, so I better get rich from this fantastic story.


Biography/Publishg Credits:

This is my biography. I'm a demi-god from the Eighteenth Dimension, and I'm going to write enough stories to fill the Void.  I better get rich from them, since I'll be angry and destroy the world if it doesn't happen. I've been published exactly zero times so far. I wonder why? My web site is

All material should be sent to ShadowKeep Magazine at:

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