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Do you have a web zine or writer's resource site you'd like to see listed here?  Send the URL to us and we'll get it posted.  We reserve the right not to post, delete, and/or verify links.  We appreciate a return link as well.   If a link is bad, please let us know so we can repair or delete it.  Thanks!

The links are in no particular order.  We have tried to be accurate; however, markets change. Always read the guidelines. - Murder stories galore, all genres accepted, short stories and poetry. Nonpaying.  Guidelines. - An award-winning historical sci-fi zine.  Pays pro rates. - Perhaps the oldest and most respected speculative fiction market around.  Paying market. - Astoundingly big place, great content.  Many facets, paying market. - Updated quarterly with pro and amateur writers. One of the top five on the web. Paying market. - Fantasy and Legends, fiction and poetry.  Easy to navigate. Nonpaying, pays for contests. - The home of some great movies and astounding fiction, by AJ Thompson, co-founder of ShadowKeep! - Quite possibly the most visited zine of speculative fiction. Nonpaying. - If they're sober (lol) it's in the top five. Great zine, great staff. Paying market. - Preditors & Editors (tm). Your first source for all market info. Go Here Every Day! (not a zine, but for writers of all genres.) - From the mind of Steven L. Shrewsbury comes the original Men In Black! - Great selection of books and anthologies, print and electronic. - Foxfire Magazine (print and electronic).  Speculative fiction from SilverLake Publishing.  Great magazine, color cover, terrific fiction.


>>  If we missed a link to you, our apologies! Please let us know... <<