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Secret Hide
© Christina Croft 


Pitch black covers, conceals thy package.

Starlight banished from thy emerald eyes.

Crimson, orange, and copper leaves start to float,

falling down upon cold, unforgiving ground.

Time oozes through thy tinged bones and lonely soul.

Memories dance about thee, seeking their master.

Chilled, blue ink starts to dry; pen writes on, as I mournfully sigh.

Henceforth, a bleak laughter rises; then shrieks!

"Down, down, deep I died. Icy waters kept secret my hide.

Yet, I tried to breathe, I did gasp! Said goodbye to my fateful past."

I’m compelled to ponder, Oh! How I wonder,

"Why me, dear friend, dost thou haunt? Dost thou desire my torment?"

Questions, I know not easily answered

in the darkest shadowlands of my nightscape.

Late into the timeless abyss of love and hate

I will greet thee; try to write of the nothingness

that has beseeched thy twilight spirit.

Is it too much to ask, how long canst thou last?

As the crescent moon takes its lazy slumber,

I beg thee, dear friend!

I freely admit, she was thy lady;

unlike any other, such a rare beauty.

Now, she’s mine, an eternal jewel.

Find thy peace. Let me rest

revealed and wet with a deadly sin.

I finally confess as the

chilled blue ink starts to dry.

"What is it that you say?"

Ah. . .it’s my turn to die.

[ end ]


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